Tile floors are aesthetically appealing. Tile flooring is also extremely durable, but as in most high-traffic areas these spaces need to be regularly cleaned so they last. Tile & grout cleaning can be beneficial to an older floor by restoring it back to its beautiful state. Professional tile cleaning and grout cleaning is an intelligent approach for homeowners that want to lengthen the lifespan of their hard surfaces, keep their floors clean, and protect their investment!

Tile Cleaning Process

The process of cleaning tile floors involves several steps. First, our SoClean Team will inspect your tile to identify their type. This is because different tiles require different cleaning processes to ensure that they are not damaged.

The next step is to choose the best treatment for the particular tiles. To begin the tile cleaning process, our SoClean Team will pre-treat the tile & grout with a proper blend of chemical compounds for that particular style of tile. This treatment emulsifies the oils and greases on the floor to prepare it for cleaning and extraction. The tiles and grout may also be agitated to loosen the soil and prepare it for steam cleaning.

Our SoClean technicians will then use truck mounted steam cleaning method with a state-of-the-art surface cleaning tool to clean and remove the soiling from your tile… After we finished the cleaning process we physically inspect your tile & grout-cleaning for any left behind dirt or residue.

Sealing applications are always recommended and can be purchased. Talk to your SoClean technician if you’re interested in sealing your tile/grout.

Importance of professional tile and grout cleaning services:

Maintaining the appearance of tile floors and grout.

It is very important to have tile and grout routinely cleaned to maintain the appearance of the tile floor.

Protecting your investment.

Professional tile and grout cleaning prolongs the life of the tile floor.

A clean home is a healthier home.

Regularly cleaning your tile floors helps remove the unwanted!